Yoga Burn Review – Yoga Based Workout Program Specifically Meant for Women

Hi, welcome to my blog…my name is Nana and in this post i’m gonna give you my honest review about Yoga Burn, a  a yoga based workout program that’s specially designed for women, by Zoe Bray Cotton ,a certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and female fitness expert.


It has been the dream of every woman to have well shaped body. However, realizing such thing is not as easy as it seems. Many women even fail to succeed in their attempt to do so. Well, one of the biggest reasons of their failure would be the fact that they have chosen the wrong program to work with. If you don’t want to regret the time, money, and effort you have to spend for it, do consider of trying this program in Yoga Burn review below.

What Yoga Burn Program Really Is to Know

If you are new to this workout program, it would be good for us to discuss about it in detail in this opportunity. Well, this program we are talking about here goes by the name Yoga Burn. It is one specifically made to help all women to lose their excess weight and shape up their body. The principle used in this program gets you to learn the way to perform poses properly so you can lose that annoying fat of yours. This principle even tells you the way to use those poses to shape body.

The very principle that makes it happen is one called Dynamic Sequencing. That way, you are led to success by the end of the program. What’s great about this Yoga Burn program is that it can be used for women of all fitness levels. Whether you are just beginner or advanced, you have all the basics of yoga covered and how you can apply it for more challenging workouts. Lasting for 12 weeks, it works to tone and firm women’s body, while benefitting from weight loss and flexibility improvement too.

Who the Author of Yoga Burn Program Is

When talking about workout program, it would be convincing to know who’s the author behind it, right? This workout program we are talking about here is one written by Zoe Bray-Cotton. She is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and also female body transformation expert. She has more than a decade of experience in teaching all sorts of yoga styles across North America. So, there is no reason for you to doubt her knowledge and capability to help women lose weight. Don’t you think so too?

At least, it is better to trust an experienced author instead of one with no clear background, right? Working with other people, she incorporated yoga to transform women’s body. Let us tell you in this Yoga Burn review that she sure has done a very great job in making this program both simple and easy to understand and follow. That is the very reason why this program can be one that women of all fitness levels can try. You don’t have to search through all programs just to suit your fitness level.

How Yoga Burn Workout Program Works

Aren’t you curious just how this yoga based program works for you? You don’t have to worry. This very program is not one to last forever with unclear result. As it was said before, Yoga Burn is a full 12-week yoga focused program. Within the span of 12 weeks, there are up to 3 phases to go through in which each phase last for 4 weeks. The first phase goes by the name “The Foundational Flow Phase”. Here, you will get an introduction to yoga poses and lesson of the way to have correct form.

The second phase goes by the name “The Transitional Flow Phase”. This time, you will get to learn how to change from one pose to another in proper way. Creating sequences, mixing poses, and combining them all are also what this phase covers in this Yoga Burn review. The third phase goes by the name “The Mastery Flow Phase”. For the final phase, the author makes sure to teach you how to combine everything, thus resulting in highly powered, body toning workout to help tone your body.

What to Benefit from Following Yoga Burn

Now that you have known what the program is, who the author is, and how it works for you, don’t you want to know just what we can benefit from it? From what we have discussed so far, you must have known one or two benefits of it. Indeed, by following this program, you will be able to burn more calories, thus reducing fat in your body and resulting in weight loss. At the same time, this program helps tone your body by making it slimmer and shape it the way you want your body to be.

Other than those main benefits, this yoga workout program can benefit you even more by offering better sleep, improved flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, improve athletic performance, increase blood flow, and improve mood as well. See? There is pretty much thing to get from choosing and following this program. It would never make a bad idea if you ever dream to have healthy and beautiful body to brag about.

What Bonuses the Program Can Offer You

What’s amazing from this program is that you can still expect more from it despite it already gives us everything we need to lose weight and tone our body. You see, there are up to 3 bonuses to get upon your purchase of it. They are pretty flexible for you can do them any time within 12-week span of the program. The first bonus is called “Tranquility Flow”. It is 15-minute workout with restorative yoga principles to offer you some relaxation.

The second bonus is called “Beginner Flow” in which it is 45-minute yoga workout with slower pace and basic poses. This too is one relaxation session worth to put into action. The third bonus is called “Pose Tutorials” from where you get a total of 21 complete tutorials of basic yoga poses. With the help of these bonuses too, we will tell you in this Yoga Burn review that you are completely set to succeed in losing weight and toning your body.